Bruce Kauffman-Kingston, Ontario, Canada 2018

ORGANIZER: Bruce Kauffman


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100,000 Poets for Change (Global) – Kingston

Saturday, September 22, 1:30-5:30pm, and 7-10pm
The Spire, 82 Sydenham St, Kingston

A free event.

This will be the third Kingston event tied to the 100 Thousand Poets for Change global and annual event. It will again include poetry and music around this global event’s themes: social change, peace, environmental awareness and sustainability, and social injustice. The event will feature 4 musical acts, a film projection with a live musical interpretation, and 2 dozen themed poetry readings spread throughout an afternoon and then evening full performance in the sanctuary portion of The Spire.

Donation boxes for Youth Diversion, 99 York Street, and Martha’s Table, three local – socially conscious organizations, will be in place for anyone wishing to contribute to their causes. Info about them will be included. And there will be a box for The Spire for the community work it does and the space it provides.

AFTERNOON SESSION – (Following SAPPH DECAF times are approximate)
1:30 pm —- Doors open
1:55-2:00 —- Welcome
2:00-2:20 – Music – SAPPH DECAF (Haley Sarfeld & Steph Keilhack)
2:20-3:20 – Poets – Donald Mitchell, Anne Graham, Meg Freer, Bob MacKenzie, Jennie Marshall, Elizabeth Greene
3:20-3:40 – Music – Erika Lamon
3:40-3:55 —— Break >>>>
4:00-5:00 – Poets – Deidre Reitav, Eugene Cornacchia, Sasha Hill, Robert Millard, Judith Popiel, Leyla Pavão Chisamore,Tara Kainer
5:00-5:20 – Music – Ollin Soundscape – (singing bowls, drums, pre-Hispanic instruments, and singing in the Náhuatl language) – Yessica Rivera Belsham
5:20-5:25 – Short Closing Remarks
5:25-6:55 – Intermission >>>>>>>> (doors remain open)

EVENING SESSION – (Following Skeye Projects, times are approximate)
6:55-7:00 —— Short Opening Remarks
7:00-7:20 – Art video/Music – “Skeye Projects – The Spire” (a floating video projection with a live musical interpretation) Don Maynard artist-filmmaker, Claire Bouvier musical lead
7:20-8:20 – Poets – Barbara Lorraine Laing, Andrea O’Farrell, Paul Kelley, Yessica Rivera Belsham, Sarah Brown Dunkley — plus a ‘Life & Legacy Tribute Poem for Gord Downie’, narrated by its author, with backup guitarist Craig Jones.
8:20-8:35 —— Break >>>>
8:35-9:40 – Poets – Bethmarie Michalska, Alyssa Cooper, Billie Kearns, Haley Sarfeld, Chantel Lavoie, Bruce Kauffman
9:40-10:00 – Music – Irwin Streight
10:00-10:00 Final Short Closing Remarks


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