Edward Bell “Paris Lit Up” 100 Thousand Poets for Change Paris, France 2018

ORGANIZER: Edward Bell

CONTACT: edward.g.bell@gmail.com

100 Thousand Poets For Change – PLU – SAË

100 Thousand Poets For Change – PLU – SAË
So often when we seek change, we are given only an shadow that lasts no longer than a snowflake.
NOT FREEDOM’S SHADE is an collective event curated by Paris Lit Up for the global initiative known as ‘100,000 Poets for Change’. Founded in 2011, it is “an international grassroots educational organization focusing on the arts, especially poetry, music, and the literary arts”. For more information and events, see their website.
La Crue Poétique is an poetry association based in Paris.
O Felino Escuro is guitar-playing poet who speaks of romance and social change. Listen to their music here.
To listen to the homegrown Parisian funk artist SAË, listen to his music here
Paris Lit Up is a social, artistic and non-profit association in Paris. 
If you are interested in performing or have a question about the association, please get in touch with Paris Lit Up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (@parislitup) or info@parislitup.com.
18h – Welcome
18h30 – Paris Lit Up
20h – La Crue Poétique
21h15 – O Felino Escuro
22h – SAË
23h – DJ ROB
1h – The Night Is Yours
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