Houda Elfechtali-Meknes, Morocco 2019

ORGANIZER: Houda Elfechtali

CONTACT: elfchtalihouda11@gmail.com


I would like to thank the administrative body of the school ” the portal of knowledge ” in the person of my dear friend melle Lamiyae Korbi and Mr. Hajer (husband of my dearest friend Mrs. Naima Kara) and all the teachers and parents of the children with whom I was able to perform the evening “Poetry for kids” in a warm, poetic and musical atmosphere, I Thank you also our great journalist Mr Nafouri Abdelkabir for the excellent coverage of the event, and also for its kind and serious, not to mention our dear musicians singers, Ayman and hatim, as well as all my very dear friends and not poets, my Dear sister and all the other people who were there with their generosity of hearts, their listening, their love and love, love you all ❤  — Houda Elfechtali

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