Polly Lazaron-Charlottesville, Virginia 2019

ORGANIZER: Polly Lazaron


The full event: https://youtu.be/102txffeIac


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Reader Feedback:

 It’s important to be quiet, to think, to deliberate, but with 100 TPC as a bright example, sometimes it’s more important to come together, to speak, to experience.

I started going to 100 TPC at WriterHouse in Charlottesville, VA in 2015. The idea of a global event to shape the world with positive change has appealed to me all the way along. Poetry is a form of meditation or prayer that can direct energy. It can point out problems and also point out new directions that benefit us all. It’s good to take some time to think about where we are going.

I enjoyed hearing from other poets who believe in the power of language to do good. I also found out about a lot of things happening in poetry around here. I met a couple of poets I had not know before and had a chance to talk to others I rarely see.

I had a fantastic time! It’s always great to hear from so many different voices. The quality of the work presented was really top-notch. Thank you for putting this event together.

This 100 TPC poetry reading at Writer House in solidarity with like minded global artists expressing similar sentiments for a better world gives me hope in a rather dark time of our American history. I cannot imagine a world without poets, artists and musicians.

I felt the energy and sincerity of all who participated internationally. I will attend this event next year too.  It is refreshing to know we are not alone.

In my experience, space for authentic creative expression is vanishingly precious in the accelerating chaos of our outer world. I experience 100 TPC as a space for the inner world to get the quieter, loving attention that is needed to nurture us through these times. Though any one of our gatherings may look small, when they are garlanded together for this global event, they create a bright necklace of caring for our world and all its joys and woes.

To be in such abundance- such Joy.

I saw the vision of poetry-how the impossible becomes possible with poetry-

IMPACT is a word that continues to move through me.

Many poets had very brilliant emotions-yet they were not judging or hateful.

Instead they gave us images, experiences and story.

I loved being with so many who are driven and committed to Poetry,

to the truth and passions of writing it and yet gave something greater

and beyond all of us- that touched the divine.


I greatly appreciate the opportunity to connect with other poets

and performers in my community and, in resonance, around the world.

It’s my hope that, in time, our collective will grow to include more who

take the stage and more who hold space at witness. Perhaps we should all

leave the shelter of structures and take our words onto the streets where we

can be heard  by those who don’t care.


It was a pure joy to dedicate a few hours engaging with fellow poets

and celebrating their voices & messages. I left with a (much needed)

renewed sense of hope.


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