Edoardo Giacomini-Monterosi, Italy 2020


Edoardo Giacomini

Presidente dell’Associazione Biblos – APS

e Direttore della Biblioteca di Monterosi

100 Thousand Poets for Change 2020

On Saturday 19th  of September 2020, the 5th edition of “100 Thousand Poets for Change” was held in the square in front of the town hall of Monterosi (Italy).

The theme chosen this year was that of light and dark, in immediate combination with the sharpness of black and white and the various shades of light and dark. This is in allegorical assonance with the changes in a man’s difficult path. The darkness to represent the profound personal crisis. Light to indicate the achievement of artistic enlightenment and inner awareness. Leading this intimate journey was an artist of recognized and undisputed talent, behind whose canvases there is a man with a complex personality, multifaceted and full of contradictions: Michelangelo Merisi, known as Caravaggio.

As usual, the poems were selected by the writer Loriana Lucciarini, who also composed three monologues that expresse the character and personality of Caravaggio in an imaginary journey of the artist from the dark of his inner dramas towards the light of own soul searching self-awareness, peace and beauty.

The expressive and effective reading of poems and Caravaggio’s monologues was interpreted by the actor Riccardo Giacomini, while the live musical accompaniment on the guitar was masterfully performed by the musician Daniele Taormina.

Godmother of the event was the actress Alessia Francescangeli, who conducted the evening with great sympathy and professionalism.

At the end, the President of the Biblos Association, Edoardo Giacomini, thanked the Mayor of Monterosi Sandro Giglietti for his presence and the patronage granted to the event, inviting him to the stage to address a greeting to the audience. Then, after delivering various certificates of merit and participation to those who collaborated in the realization of the evening, among others the painter Silvano Moretti for the painting he created with a portrait of Caravaggio, the President of the Biblos Association said goodbye to the next edition.


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