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Katerina Canyon – Meadowbrook Pond, Seattle, WA 2021

Katerina Canyon – Meadowbrook Pond, Seattle, WA

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Kibibi Monie – Nu Black Arts West Theater- Seattle, Washington 2015

ORGANIZER: Kibibi Monie CONTACT: LOCATION: Nu Black Arts West Theater

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Kymberlee della Luce- Seattle, Washington 2014

ORGANIZER: Kymberlee della Luce

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Lyn Coffin -Seattle, WA 2014

Organizer:  Lyn Coffin Contact:  

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Kibibi Monie – Seattle, Washington 2014


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Lola E. Peters- Seattle, Washington 2014

ORGANIZER: Lola E. Peters

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Kymberlee della Luce- Seattle, Washington 2013

ORGANIZER: Kymberlee della Luce


Saturday, September 28, 2013
7:00pm until 9:00pm

Calling all poets, artists, musicians and troubadours! As part of the global event 100 Thousand Poets for Change (, and in collaboration with On the Boards and Speetzfire, we are hosting a community art celebration to explore our collective and individual identities through art making and celebration.

The intention of this event is to create art and celebrate our community together. We will be watching a movie by local filmmakers at Speetzifre called “Undivided Yearning” and will create art about collective and individual identity in response to it.

How can I participate?

There are a couple of ways you can join us:

1.) We need visual artists to paint during the event, poets and storytellers to create spoken word art and musicians to tie it all together. Even if you’ve never done these things before, COME! We are all artists and we all have a voice and a story to tell. Let’s hear yours. RSVP to let us know what talent(s) you’ll be bringing and to get details about load in time.

2.) Whether you can come or not, please give us the following information to contribute to the story and collective art project. You can put it on the event wall or email it to Please DO contribute so we can have your energy there.

Your first name.
Your zip code.
One word you would use to describe yourself.
The color you would use to describe your neighborhood (red, blue, yellow, aubergine, etc.)

If you can’t come, we would still LOVE to have your information. Please email it to

Can I just come and watch?


I don’t want to make art but I want to help. How can I do that?

We can use food and beverage, decoration, art supplies or other in-kind donations to make this event special. Please contact Alexandra Varriano with your ideas.

We look forward to hearing your stories, seeing your faces and connecting.

Please RSVP. Seating is limited and we need to plan. Thank you!

Special thanks to Kevin J. O’Conner of Alarm Cat Designs for the cover image.

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Lyn Coffin – “100000 Poets for Change- It’s Never Over”-Seattle, WA

Organizer:  Lyn Coffin

Contact:   –

“100000 Poets for Change- It’s Never Over” event at my apartmentMonday, October 7th. Participants inlcude Mary Kassimor, Dan Ryan, Koon Woon, Raul Sanchez, playwright Martin Ingerson, and me!” Lyn Coffin

Hi, Michael
So, Mary Kassimor and Dan Ryan,
Koon Hoon and Martin Ingerson and
I met. (Raul Sanchez had car trouble)
I’m going to take the liberty of forwarding
Koon Hoon’s video. It was a nice gathering
and I think we all left a little wiser and
more inclined to change than before.
Cheers to you!
(video follows)

The Amplituhedron

“Physicists have discovered a jewel-like geometric object
that dramatically simplifies calculations of particle interactions
and challenges the notion that space and time are fundamental
components of reality.”
–Natalie Wolchover

From several points of view, creation is
unexpected and it’s hard to guess what will
happen next. Incorporate gravity and
either you will smash your father’s car into
a wall of nonsensical infinities,
or it will collapse the pier and sink in
the deep paradox of water. Or both.

Like a dentist, the amplituhedron first
mystifies you, then removes two rooted
rotted wisdoms: locality and
unitarity. You leave numb and grateful.

Twistor diagrams are tools for computing
amplitudes before houses are lifted off
their cellars. Twistors follow their wet noses,
as haphazardly intent as any dog.
Their simplicity is mysterious.

The master amplituhedron has an
infinite number of facets, faces, facts.
Lower-dimensional amplituhedra
live on plains of the master structure:
mites browse like wildebeest, oblivious
to pattern in the threadbare Persian carpet.

Amplituhedra suggest that the Big Bang
and cosmological evolution
arose out of pure geometry like
Archimedes vaulting from his bath.

Change arises from the structure of
the object, but the object is unchanging,
a Grecian urn in a glass coma, waiting
for a poet’s feverish kiss to awake.

Reality’s most basic features are
scattering amplitudes. Birds out of trees,
children from school into the news. The sound of
machine guns in the cafeteria.

A married couple, mired in ivy
academia, returns home drunk,
dragging a young couple with them. What
follows is compelling, and not all ugly.

Like the fantasy of an unborn son,
love is a weapon in everybody’s hands.

–Lyn Coffin

Poem by Lyn Coffin document

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Agents of Chaos—Seattle, Washington

Organizer: Brien DeChristopher, Agents of Chaos Contact:

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Richard Hugo House and Splab-Seattle, Washington 2012

Organizer: Paul Nelson Contact: Organizer: Brian McGuigan Contact: The Hugo House Organizer: Greg Bem Contact: Organizer: Joe Chiveney Contact:     Date: Saturday, September 29, 2012 – 2:00pm – 7:00pm Richard Hugo House and SPLAB team up … Continue reading

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